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 Updated  17th January 2020

We Opened Our First Office In London In 1994

with only two casinos for sale

Today we have over 60 Land Based Casinos for Sale Worldwide Prices from under $1m to over  $1Billion        

Welcome from our chairman Brian Minister, If you wish to contact me personally about any Casino for sale or any of our Casino hotels listed I personally Guarantee 100% confidentiality please ring my direct mobile
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Land Based Casinos listed below are advertised to protect the location identity of the casinos for sale, but all details of the Casinos are correct,
Casinos of Mayfair International Ltd will be attending and Be Exhibiting at the 2019 G2E Sands, Las Vegas, where a warm welcome again awaits Casino Owners, Investors/Buyers wishing to discuss their casino requirements incomplete Confidence at the exhibition  during the show,
I would like to advise you the Chairman of the Casinos of Mayfair International Ltd
Brian Minister Tel;+44 1424 221226 with offices in England,
Spain and Las Vegas can be contacted on Tel;+44 1424 221226 email                briancasinosofmayfair@gmail.com  briancasinosofmayfair@gmail.com
we have also completed another extension of the companies expansion program by opening an office in Las Vegas  incorporating
Casinos of Mayfair International Inc, who has appointed Sheri Andrews-Petersilie as their new Vice President, casinosofmayfair@btopenworld.com

Monthly Casino Update

                                                                   17th January 2020

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                                                                             Listing 177                                                                                                                                                           Italy

                          5-star hotel on an elite island in Italy  total area of land 30,000 Sq meters with 95 rooms price  $17 m   turnover + $5 M   also  possible to purchase next door a group  of 40+apartments  making a total of 136 rooms

                                                                       Listing 176

                                                           Western Europe                                                                                                     5 .5 Star Luxury Hotel, Includes 44,000 Sq m of land,                                      7,500 sq m magnificant floral gardens, interesting Sports Arena                                                                   Includes Mini Golf Course.                                                                                     175  Hotel Deluxe Suites/rooms , Fine Dining Restaurants,                                                           Being sold if Required  Flag free. Maintenence free                                                                          Price £950,000,000 

                                         50% Posible Funding Available                                                                                                        ————————————————-

                                                                    Listing 175                                                                                                                                                       London                                                                                                                                        5 star deluxe Hotel 250 Rooms                                                                          Heated Swimming Pools, Spa , Gym, Fine Dining Restaurants                                                                     Price £420,000.000 


                                                                      Listing   174

                                                                 Western Europe

 Rare opportunity to purchase two very exclusive hotels working together with a contracted leisure sport of 10,000.000 potential clients every year fully operalional and volume revenues for the past 8 years owner retiring 60% possible Funding subject to funders Criteria                                                                                                                            Price 420,000,000 Euros


                                                                         Listing  173                                                                                                                                                  Mediterranean                                                                    

                        5 star 450 rooms & deluxe suites hotel and Casino Island resort includes fabulous Villas and wonderful mini bungalows.       great casino action with close to 300 latest games action slot machines. with 10 roulette wheels, 20 gaming tables, fine dining restaurant bars Caberet,  with Sea view terraces & very popular out  and indoor Swimming pools,   location  close to Airport Good price $85.000.000  30% funding

                                                                         Listing 172


A 5-star luxury well-established hotel in Central hotel has all the facilities that a modern 5 star  has first time offered for sale  in the last 20 years,                                          60% possible funding subject to Funders criteria                                                                                         Price best offer over £400,000,000

                                                            ——————————-                                                                                                                           Listing 171                                                                                                                                                        Bulgaria                                                                                                                      Casino installed on 8-year lease to run, within a 5-star Luxury hotel (which is not for sale) with  over 50 slot machines 7 gaming tables  Bars Restaurant and Cabaret                                     

                                                                           Price $4,900.000


                                                                                  Listing 170

                                 For sale this beautiful 4 Star Hotel located in a prime location in
                                                Geneva within a short walk to the lake.
The Hotel has been redesigned to a very high standard that reflects the spirit of Switzerland’s elegance and taste. It has around 40 LUXURY  rooms and is ideal for mid to long term stay.
                                                                                  Price 25m Euros 


                                                                                         Listing 169                                                                                                                                                    Africa Accra

                       Well established Casino with total of over 70 gaming positions                    50 + Video slots, 10, Electronic roulette , 10 sports betting terminals, 4 story property with a total 7400 sqft including car park, with a further 7 year lease to run, a very low rental of only $14,000 per year till end of lease Good opportunity to get into the gaming business with a fair asking price




                                                                 Listing 168

                                                                  Western  Europe

Rare Opportunity, Luxury 5-star hotel -Casino over 600 bedrooms. plus a fantastic 30 gaming table casino for sale,  with a great slots action over 300 loose video slots, Strong Solid investment,  60% possible Funding

                                                                  Price 975,000,000  Euros


                                                                       Listing 167                                                                     Goa India                                                                                                                                                      5 -star hotel to open a casino slot palace opportunity  all licences and permits are in place as the casino was first opened in 2010, but closed in 2018 due to ill health with operator management,  now the hotel is looking for a new management to take over 100% control of Casino on a 5 year lease renewable for another 5 years at a rental of $15,000 a month, Casino will need a total replacement of the  gaming equipment from local company available  touch bet roulette 2 x 6 gaming positions, blackjack and poker table machines plus slots etc, a total of 82 gaming positions and there is a refundable security deposit of  $15,000 USA, the  casino staff are still available for work just needs management possible 2 but 3 managers would make the difference, the casino is approx 240sq meters and  had an excellent revenue  stream, the hotel will discount 10 plus rooms plus all food,wine, and drinks are supplied by the hotel at cost and the hotel takes no share of the profits from the casino  full details with signed CA,NDA, 

Low entry costs of  $45,000 plus lease or rental of gaming equipment 


                                                                      Listing 166                                                                                                                                            Northern England

Large casino property for sale  but requires leaseback facility to a major Casino operator of the casino for the past 10 years + property is leased from City council till 2030. the agreed on the yearly rental of £225,000 pro-rata till May 2020.  then rises to £360,000 the next break will be in 2025 when the rental  renewal will rise to £457,000 these numbers include car parking facilities and the total property and parking area on lease is 32,200 Sq ft                                                                                                                                                                                                Price £6.700,000  


                                                                                         15th May  2019                                                                                                                                           Listing 165

                                                                               Northern England                                                                                                                  New Casino hotel building Project                                                              Although only in the planning stage. the hotel    property building already exist Once completed with 100 rooms and large convention centre, it will become one of the best entertainment venues in the county,   with International Cabaret Fine dining restaurant, 5-star hotel    10 gaming table casino, 25 slot positions,  Total provisional Cost between                                                                          £25,000,000 to £30,000.000                                                                                                 —————————————————-                                                                                Listing 164 

                                                        Sold 22th August                           Africa very luxury casino with smart TVs ready for the new owner to take over all sports betting with a new licence. 16 gaming tables, A/R, B/J, Poker,  60 slot machine positions, VIP room total area 2000 Sqm,

                                        Price $6m Dollars                                                                           ————————–      

                                                Listing 163 


A 4 year operational Internet casino has just been issued with one of the last of 35 Sports betting licenses to be issued in the country.

Giving this internet casino company  an enormous hike in revenue potential 

                                                            Owner retiring   excelent  price at



Casino for sale within an apartment complex of 85 Properties of which 80 of them are top-end 3  bedroom apartments, plus a small commercial centre all with direct access to the casino by lift The casino has been open for many years and is working with good profit, with 4 B/J tables, 2 A/R 
plus 2 Caribbean poker tables
Price $2.300.000  


                                                Listing 161                                                                                               Africa                                                                                   Good Action Casino Slots  Roulette                                                        Price $3m                                               ——————–



A famous hotel Casino 0ver 2000 rooms with planning for new tower hotel  extension   enormous  opportunity with  great new thyme for   2019                                                                                                                                                           

                                              Price $850,000,000  option new tower building costs                                                                                    ——————————                                                                                                                                            159

                                                                                      EASTERN Europe                                                        Voted the best major hotel and casino entertainment centre in Europe                                                                                   for sale  price                                                                                                                                               60,000,000 Euros

                                                                            ………………………                                                                                                   158                                                                       European tourist Island                                         Hotel operating with   22 rooms plus  a  new casino license to install a casino in an empty building with  1200 sqm across the road from the hotel,  2 minutes   walk,   building has two floors         perfect for a casino plus a  rooftop  Restaurant                                           Price 10,000,000 Euros                                                ………………………………………………………………………                                                                                     157                                                                                                          USA                                                                                    Great new opportunity  exists to buy this fantastic  entertainment centre which has recently opened a new luxury Casino which is now  being offered for sale   100%  available                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Price  $1.45 billion                                                             

                                                       ————————————-                                                                                                                         156                                                                                                           USA                                            5-star deluxe Hotel     New York,  USA

Full details available with signed NDA, POF,                                                                                Price $550 m                                                                                     …………………….                                                                                                                                       Listing   155 

                                                                                                      French Island                        

New International Lottery Licence valid till 2028 for sale,         Fully equipped with game box’s software lotto card machine,  scratch             cards etc    plus a fully operational freehold casino open 6 years,  good                                                                          potential   priced to sell at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $1,500,000    or casino could be rented at                                                                                             $15,500 per month           now under offer                                                                                                            ________________________                      



This Casino is well designed on a London themed casino, opened 9 years ago,  has 63 slots, +6 player touch bet roulette,  7 live gaming tables, 3,A/R, 2 B/J, 2, Poker    with sports betting facilities, good value  $600,000    Sold 20th February 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ………………………..                                                                                                 153                                                                                                            USA                                       Casino next to a 4 star hotel 4 gaming tables           85 slot machines, good potential with the right owner                              Price $250,000   now sold                                                      ..……………                                                                                                      152                                                                                                           USA  

                             Famous 5 Star Hotel and Casino                  2500 rooms 2000 machines,45 Gaming Tables       Proof of funds & letter of Interest,   after NDA                                          signed  teaser sent,

                                            Price $930,000,000

                                              ————————                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        151                                                                                                                                                   Mediterranean Island                                                                                         5 star Hotel & Casino  over 200 luxury rooms                                                                  Restaurants Bars, indoor swimming pool, hotel

                                               has over 200 luxury rooms and suites,          The casino has 200 +slot machines, Gaming tables, A/R, B/J, Poker etc,                                                VIP room with a $1,000,000 dollar bet limit                                                                                                 Price $200,000,000,  


                                                                                        150                                                                                                                                                                    Europe                                                                                                                Newly refurbished 70 room luxury 4-star hotel and casino         An action-packed gaming floor with 10 gaming tables over 170

slot   machines, plus a very popular cabaret lounge                                                             

                                                             Price 40,000,000        

                                                ——————————                                                                                                                                                                   149

  Northern Africa  0pportunity to open a casino within a 5-star hotel on a long lease, VIP    club over 600 2m to place 10 gaming tables, 50/60  Slots Rental approx. $75,000 pm, but casino operator keeps all profits,              Possible 5 – 10 year Lease,  Good opportunity to own your own casino                                                                        +++++++++++++             


                                                        Dominican  Republic 

                                Casino fully licenced open 7 years ago closed for reforms and                                           opened two months ago, Spead over 3 floors of gaming              with over 160 slots, 7 gaming tables including Roulette, blackjack                                                                                    and casino poker,                   

                                         Cocktail bars, Restaurant, Nightclub area  dance floor  

                                                                                    Price $4.500,000                                                                                                                        ………………………………………….                                   

                                                              147                                                                                                                                  Eastern Europe

Luxury 5 star boutique 10 bedroom Hotel and Casino,                                                      The Casino licenced has just been renewed until 2028, and planning has been passed for an extension to the hotel with 60-75 more bedrooms, Over 100 modern slot machines plus a 10 seater touch bet Roulette machine, 17  Live gaming tables, Roulette  Blackjack, Poker etc, The casino was all new 2 years ago, but closed after only  6 months  trading due, to the error in paperwork which has all been resolved now, since being closed the property has been maintained by a local security company with Heating and Lighting and Cleaning as is necessary and is in a near new condition throughout, the casino and hotel  could be opened tonight if you had the staff to open it, Being sold with no debts all Taxes have been paid for the 6 months trading, Great  price, complete 100% company shares and freehold Property                                                            New price cash sale,                                                           $15.000.000 dollars Or will lease/rent for 10Years  at  $170,000 per Month,     Terms  to enter 2 months deposit, plus one month’s rent in advance Total cost  to enter on lease            $510,000                                                                            ———————————                                                             146                                                                                 


Well established Large free standing Casino in a beautiful                                                                                             river setting,                                                                                                             with full wedding facilities, bar Restaurant, 80 fast action slot machines, The owner may consider a leaseback, and stay on till new                                                                                     owner receives his licence,                                                                                                                 Price $14,000,000                                                                                                                                             Listing 145                                                                                                                                                        Nevada Now sold

This hotel-casino has now been sold 20/12/18 4 Star Hotel with 400 rooms, Casino has over 200 slots Machines, Great wedding facilities. Two Restaurants plus 2 bars with  Keno gaming, with sports betting facilities, built-in three 60inch  TV  monitor’s, with horse racing,  football,  boxing etc.   Great investment with new management opportunity                                                                   Price $16,000,000                                                                                   ————————-



Long established Casino for Sale, Almost 30 years, same owners, One of the largest Casino floors in this part of the world, 200 slot machines,  15 live tables with Roulette, Blackjack. Poker tables for 30 players, plus Baccarat tables, Over 90 Security cameras,  parking for 200 cars, 5-star hotel and golf course within walking distance,  Owners retiring, Selling debt-free, with good profits

                                        looking for Offers above $6,000,000 dollars

                                       NOW SOLD                                       




                     Beautiful New Hotel and Casino                                                    Great Casino action, with a total of 60 gaming table

                                                 high roller VIP poker tables Cash Games                                                                       Plus  fine dining restaurants  

                               Luxury 200 Rooms all mod cons

                                                                       Price 150,000,000 Euros                                                                                  —————-

                               Large European City
                                  5 star Hotel and Casino
    with convention Centre for Sale including shopping Mall  with retail units of 40 well-established companies occupying these premises ,   
                              full details with Signed CA,NDA
                                 Price 240,000,000m Euros now been taken off the market 
Major European Tourist City Great opportunity to buy a group of 5 small units of sports betting   shops with a total of 56 casino slot machines and fixed-odds betting terminals Fully licenced 
                                                      Great Price  only 750,000 Euros                                                                              —————————–                                                                                                                          140                                                                            

Ireland Long-term operating a casino with 9 gaming tables Roulette Blackjack Etc, plus a poker area with 6 tables property on a long lease Owner retiring great potential for slots

                                                          Price 415,000 euros   now sold


                                                                      139 Worldwide

off the market Over 100 registered Countries Worldwide International internet casino corporation with full TV advertising rights for unlimited betting Price includes 100% corporation shares Full Details to qualifying buyer Price Negotiable between $300m -$400m Dollars

                                138 Las Vegas
Fantastic New opportunity Hotel casino project FULL Details Available With a 6% ROI until completion approx 24 months, Total Investment $3.6 Billion
137 England Now sold 
Rare investment opportunity Large Casino freehold property for sale casino business not for sale but lease to continue to new owners with very good rental income,
               Price £39m                      
Island Pacific 70 room Hotel/Casino
                                              Price $25m                                        ……………………………………………
135 now sold 
Las Vegas Hotel Casino 2000 plus Rooms
price $450m
London Casino for Sale
               Price      £45m     now sold
Las Vegas           Taken off the market  3 small to medium hotel-casinos to be sold as one unit but possible to split
Total Price $400m
casino investment property casino with full gaming licence open over 15 years slots, tables, also some commercial units
Price $20m
Central London Well established Casino
                                                        Price 45 m GBP       now sold                  

130 now sold 

Europe, Casino gaming company 1000 betting terminals, 40 VLTs in High St betting shops

Price 10,500,000 Euros


129 now sold 

Slovenia Small but good value Casino for sale

Price 1.500,000 Euros


128 Europe

A 15-year operating casino with a very busy gaming floor plus a 4 star 200 room hotel, with one of the largest poker games in Europe Owner may stay on for 1 year whilst new owner settles in              

Price 150m Euros


127 Portugal

A 430 bedroom 5-star luxury hotel and Casino with 3 restaurants, a 1000 person convention centre fantastic casino with all casino games Roulette Blackjack Poker,&lots of Slots full details sent on receipt of a signed CA, NDA Price 130m Euros 

now taken off the market 


Asia 126

Has been withdrawn 27 March 2017

Major 5 star Hotel Casino being built on own land City Population 8,000,000 People, looking for a Casino operating partner to control installation and operation of the casino,

                                price $1,1billion full details on application


Spain 125

Major city Casino freehold property for Sale . to lease back to the casino for 15 years at 1.400,000 Euros per year

26,000,000 Euros


Germany 124

City Casino Slot Palace operating for 8 years holds 7 licences till 2029 well laid out slots floor with a total of 80 slot machines high revenue

                                                      Price 5.900,000 Euros                                                                  ———————————-

France 123

French Card club online internet Gaming casino trading since 2009, with a 2,000,000 player database, 11,000 players on average daily, Growth in GGR in 2013 was 1.2m Euros, Growth in 2015 was 3.3m Euros

                                                   Asking Price 5,000,000,Euros                                ————–



                                                                            Super luxury 5 star Hotel open 10 years, with casino opening in 2017, This Mini City Hotel Super Resort has been a playground of the stars, Large convention centre, with surrounding deluxe villas down to the Marina, Brand named Shops, Trending Cocktail Bars & 5* Restaurants, This Island Complex land and commercial units everything included Price $230,000,000, taken off the market 1st October 



USA /Vancouver

Casino, Card Club, & Sports Bar, with 150 inch TV screen, view all sports events, has been operating for 8 years with 12 Gaming Tables, Poker, Blackjack, Pia Gow, Baccarat Large Restaurant, Pool tables,              Price $6.600,000



European City 

 Great opportunity to buy the last two land plots total 30.000 sq metres for building 2 Hotel/Casino projects, in this fantastic tourist thriving Casino Coastal City, with incredible white beaches and blue lagoon sea, All building permits granted, plus two new 20 year Casino licences already in place, 23 floors high 130 rooms with roof garden, Lux restaurant, underground car park for both properties, luxury Spa’s fitness centre, Properties prices include completely finished resorts, but without hotel furniture and casino gaming equipment, Price $32,000,000 or $18,000,000 each, —-——————————

London 119

London Casino operation for more than 10 years, Available Property on Lease £38m


Asia 118

Update 6th July this project has been taken of the market Ulitmate Luxury Sports ECO Resort Project. 5 Star Hotel 800 Suites combined space 72,450 sqm Largest gaming casino outside of Macau 70,000 sqm, Internet Gaming, Poker & Mahjong Tournaments Formula E race Track, Horse Racing & Greyhound Track. Polo Ground. Equestrian indoor Arena seating 1,000, Grand Shopping Mall, All this in a specially designed Eco-City Location Total area of resort 2,000,000 sqm Total investment $2 billion dollars, $1.2 billion already funded Joint venture 40-50% remaining with full control of all Casino and betting operations, Breaking ground early 2017 Completion early 2019 JV investment Complete Confidentiality Assured $800m ………………………………………….

Caribbean Island 117

update, 6th May offer has been made, will update if the offer is not accepted Licenced slot group update the number of slots machines installed have now increased to 1,100+ machines, with total revenues from these already installed machines is now approaching $500,000 dollars a month the final stage of the 2,500 slots permitted for the island has begun with full management Price $29,000,000 or may look at a Joint Venture See property 106 below ———————————

Cyprus 116

Hotel & Casino opportunity Large operating 400 bedroom hotel and 4,000 Sq Mt Casino gaming floor 300 slot machines, 40 gaming tables, Strong revenues,

                Price 400m Euros


European/USA 115

The European casino internet gaming hotel entertainment company operating a successful business over past 12 years, with a worldwide unlimited potential, already began big expansion program throughout the USA in 5 star hotels with successful casino/poker platforms great opportunity to purchase 100% shareholding and total assets Price $500m or JV for $20m-$50m investment with min 20% shareholding projection revenue of $1.5 billion within 3 years ongoing casino expansion program


Europe 114 new price

European Sports betting online company now with new casino licences and a new mobile App platform, With high street betting shops in Europe Expanding fast with Great profits,                       Price 20,000,000 Euros,


Cyprus (North) 113

The total gaming revenue for 2015 from the 42 casinos on the Northern side of the island was $680m This opportunity is being offered as a Joint venture partnership of a maximum 50% of company shares by law, but a major shareholding basis minimum 70% of the casino hotel project, which includes a new casino licence, 330,000 sq meters of beachfront land, plus a 100 berth Marina with full planning permissions, The land which is owned by a well-respected family on the Island is located less than 30 minutes drive by highway from the island international Airport Larnaca with planning to build one of the largest 500 bed, 5 star luxury Hotel and Casino Resort in the Country, Investors will also have 100% control of design, installation & operation of the 3,000 sq meter casino gaming floor A cash investment is required into your own bank account in the Cyprus bank of $50m to a max of $100m the Government will match your deposit up to 150% plus tax-free profits for 6 years, or you will be introduced to a local commercial bank who will provide you up to 9 times your deposit with minimum $20m deposit, for a credit line construction loan of $200m-$500m Construction, Equipment, Credit line loan. Complete details available with a signed CA,NDA


Africa 112

New opportunity to install a casino within a well established 3 star hotel being upgraded to a 5-star hotel with the new casino licence plus your own costs of your casino equipment. investment for the casino and licence $3,5m


Caribbean Island 111 Now sold 

For sale a new registered licenced gaming company, with a full internet online casino Licence, only one other issued in the country, no domain name attached as yet to this first time offered the opportunity
They have developed a chain of around 150 terminals throughout the country and received a resolution from Ministry of finance allowing them to deploy gaming terminals connected to the server in legalised gaming locations (bookies, lottery shops etc).

As of now, they have installed around 150 terminals in 50 locations. Net win for the company is after only 7 weeks is already 500 dollars a day increasing everyday Price $1.000.000 with owner payment facility, or $850.000 cash,Now sold
Europe 110
Small Group of 5 Mini-Casinos plus 3 hotels Privately owned, 4 casino properties have had a permanent gaming licence since 2007, this licence also includes the fifth new casino opened 2016 making a total of 5 fully 24-hour operational casinos with over 200 Slot machines, all costs and 60 staff wages are low with total expenses outlay of $750,000 per year All management team are planning to stay on with new owners, great potential the largest slots casino of the 5 has a fully operational casino licence for Poker, Blackjack, & Roulette these games can be installed the next day by the new owners with no problem whatsoever Price for 100% of Casino business, assets, all permits, licences everything included for the Price of 14m Euros Plus 3 Luxury hotels 2 freehold and one management only, with a total of over 250 hotels rooms plus all have large Spa areas with pools, all hotels can operate a casino with casino licence included if required the Sale also includes a very popular leisure wonderland Aquapark
Price 36m Euros, Total price for all 5 casinos and 2 freehold hotels + 1 operation of the hotel management only.but may be available to buy, Price 49m Euros
Malta 109
A rebuilt 100 bedroom Hotel and Casino both properties are empty & would need a complete refurbishment and casino gaming equipment but with consent licence to open a new Casino 80 year lease, very low ground rent keys in hand, full details available with signed NDA Price 21m Euros
England 108
A casino licence is being offered for sale to install a casino in approx 20,000 sq ft new casino building for lease on a 20-year lease, at a cost of 12.00 GBP sterling per sq ft, within a new sports and Leisure complex, Football, Rugby, and other Stadium events, throughout the year with many famous commercial shopping outlets, fast foods etc, Leisure centre, Bowling, Swimming, modern bars etc, all within an area of a population of 4,000,000 potential visitors to the new complex, Price of available local Casino Licence 2m pounds sterling
Cyprus 107
12,000 Sqft Casino space with a new 15-year lease and Casino permit, within a 5 Star hotel in a major tourist Area, very low rental for first 6 months, Price to be discussed but minimum investment $1,000,000
Caribbean island 106
Slots Route for Sale Update on Slots Route now with 750 slots installed and producing upwards of $300,000 pm with a licence to install a total of 2,000 machines Update today 20th July. 100 arrived & being installed to include Roulette with a 25% expected increase in revenues 100% ownership of this fully licenced operation, including all slots machine stocks and management in place, Price $18m or JV $9m new price by end August expected offers over $25m Terms 50% down payment,Owner funding, ……………………………………………..
Northern Europe, 105
Caribbean Licenced now sold  A recently revamped Internet casino, operational now in Europe also offering bets in Bit Coin’s on all casino games Great potential 4 new platforms,Poker,Bingo,Slots& eSports betting increasing revenues last month to 130k, new increased
price 450,000 pounds sterling now sold
The Dominican Republic 104
Great Potential Fu;;y licensed Casino, Ready to open, fully equipped with 70 slot machines, 6 table games, A/R, B/J, Texas Holdem Poker cocktail bars, good size restaurant, also available to purchase a large plot of land with a permit to build a 50 +bedroom hotel all you need is staff,
Price $3.7m
Greece – Serbia 103
New investment opportunity To build a 50 bedroom hotel and install a casino Very popular licensed VIP nightclub with Restaurant, open every night licensed for 100 slot machines but not yet installed Great potential partnership offered for $5m which would include the new built Hotel or will sell for $8m which includes land and built hotel
Dublin 102 now sold
2 very large Vegas-style slot arcades over 500 slot machines open 20 years very good profits Owner is retiring Price and details with CA,NDA on application
Caribbean 100
Updated 26th August project no longer available, This property has been withdrawn, will update ASAP Hotels Casino Golfing Complex, Total Rooms 2300,
Price as is $3.9 billion dollars,
Mexico 99
A new online state lottery startup for sale. fully licensed, partnership JV available to the experienced buyer or will sell 100% for$2m Also available a JV offered for $1.5M to open 2 maybe 3 casinos licence and permit in hand, very low cost to open compared to other countries or will sell 100% for $3m full details available on both properties
USA 98 Now Sold
11, many years operating Casinos with 85% slot action, 10 of which are being sold with freehold, the other one will continue on rental, All can be on a joint venture or 100% ownership, full management to continue for a two year contract if required Price for JV $18m or will sell 100% for $34m *All properties are making good profits Also available Small group of 6 slot Casinos, which have been operating for 40 years 20 slot machines each property, Dice tables, all these casinos have a Grandfather casino license fully transferable to any new buyers, Another freehold property included in the sale price is a small shopping mall with 10 operating shops on a 20 year lease, paying a total rental of $500,000 per year, plus a 5 acre building plot for a hotel , Plus a very old establish brewery with trucks and Van’s distribution rights for 100 miles, also supplying all the casinos with drinks at cost, Total revenue $19m This package for sale for$28m, The management will stay on for a two-year contract if required, or It is also possible to buy the whole package of 17 casinos, shopping Mall, Brewery & casino licences 100% transferable
Price $60,000,000
with a possible 80% funding available
hotels with 2 operating Casinos within the resort, one casino property has been sold one remaining hotel-casino price 29m Euros
Dublin 96
Update 18th July 17 Now SOLD
Casino was closed but has now been put back on the market, with everything in place as it was when closed, switch lights on, new staff, and you are open again A very famous branded private members operational casino Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, etc, but Slots have been taken out very good value with great potential, includes online casino live dealers streaming new price now only 295,000 Euros as is,
listing 95 Now sold
Southern Spain  5 Star 180 Room luxury Hotel & Casino, Ballroom/Conference/ Wedding Receptions Poker Tournaments Room for 600 players, VIP High Roller Casino
Price 130m Euros possible funding 65%-75%
Africa 94
Lux 4 star hotel Casino & Resort, Golf Course, very good potential $11.500,000
USA 93

We have secured 3 Major Hotel Casinos through our partners in Las Vegas which are available to be purchased as separate units, or as a whole package proof of funds will be required before full details can be sent,
Signing our standard CA,NDA will release a one page teaser, The following number 1 and 2 Casinos have been taken off the market, But Casino No 3 is for sale 
price$1.43 Billion with EBITDA $100M
No 2 $1.3 billion with EBITDA $80 M
No 3     $915m with EBITDA 75M
European 92 Internet live Gaming software casino company On line licenced casino new platform with partners in the USA who have been supplying software for 12 years to major casino companies will

become the largest on line gaming platform in the world within 3-5 years with its new platform being installed in two 5 star hotels 1 x 600 rooms 1 x 700 rms with a continuing expansion to 1000 5 star hotels worldwide within 2/3 yrs live dealers in room TV casino gaming programs
Projections 5m Euros a month, potential 25m Euros a month within 1/2 years, new 5 year contracts have been signed with a major TV and mobile app company Price 40m pounds sterling may accept a 15/20 m euro offer for a partnership this years projected revenue 35m euros ———————–
El Salvador 91
Owner’s new offer will lease empty Casino space within hotel including new casino
licence for 20 years, provide own Casino equipment, total rent $20,000 a month
A new 300 room luxury Hotel and Casino and Conference Centre
being built on the Beach within a 15 year operating water sports holiday complex,
the completion date 2016
But old 160 room hotel being used till new opening, no Casino
The New Casino has a new 20 year license,
Price $30m included
Caribbean Island 90
Casino operating within an island hotel with 10/12 cruise ships arriving every week, Casino has 7 table games Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, With a strong 125 slot machines action everyday, Casino is on rental from the hotel at $15,000 pm 7/8 years left on the lease but renewable 10% flat gaming tax paid monthly No Tax on Profits, New Price $2,900,000 US dollars
Northern Europe 89
New price Deal see below 
An incredible Casino/hotel entertainment complex covering a total area of 20,000 Sq Metres including a luxury 6 star boutique hotel, 5 night Clubs, 3 restaurants,
A Grand Casino, Spa and fitness centre the complex has an average of over 4,250 guests every week, Government land available for rent or purchase with planning to build 100-150 rooms, plus extension to Casino, A new online live gaming license has been granted, the online live dealer Casino is currently being developed for high stake clients, This is a must see operation with Net Profits over 4.500.000 euros, but with a further investment of rooms and extension of Casino and the opening of the internet live dealer casino, the owners project profits of 12-15,000,000 within 2/3 years, Price 60,000,000 Euros one of the best investments in the gaming industry in Europe, now Available 65% shares full control Price $35.000.000 
France 88 Now Sold
Sea front 5 Star Hotel and Casino for sale with close to 300 rooms, choice of 6 restaurants, own auditorium theatre 900 seats, with large meeting rooms and a very smart Shopping Arcade, The Casino is rented to a casino company on lease, and pays a rental to the hotel, the casino has 20 gaming tables Roulette Blackjack Punto Banco plus over 150 slot machines installed it maybe possible to buy the casinos lease ? Famous clientel Price 380,000,000 Euros Now Sold
Europe 87
Opportunity to purchase 100% of a Major Gaming Company in Europe
including in the price are 3 very large operational offices buildings the company owns over 10,000 VLT and EMR slot machines installed in over 200 owned Slots arcades and Casinos operating for over 20 years. Also own and operate 17 Licenced land-based Casinos, operating retail lottery terminals systems, sports betting and online betting outlets With total revenues of just under 1 billion Euros with assured Potential of 35-50% growth with their new online gaming license which becomes lawful to operate online gaming programs in 2016/17, Price all offers over 100,000,000 Euros will be seriously reviewed,
50m Euros funding available.
Philippines 86
Update 10th May Sold Long-standing operating Casino is looking for an equity partner/investor to invest $10-$40m depending on Equity required the Casino is operating within a luxury hotel on lease for the next 20 years, with a very popular Conference centre Excellent profits, Investment required$10m-$40m for JV now Sold 
Europe 85
International Internet Gaming Company Major Internet Casino and Sports betting company operating 29 casinos over the past 18 years $ 2,500.000,000 US dollars gross revenue Asking Price 90,000,000 Euros See listing below number 4, but on hold will advise.
USA 84
update 26th August now Sold Rare opportunity in the USA to buy or JV development LAND for a Hotel/casino with full permissions, Strong cash flow projections, $40M required for a JV or will sell complete project for$115m
Dublin 83
update 10th June Now Sold well established fully operational casino now closed for refurbishment available to rent on a 5 year renewable lease at 7500 euros pm, Key money 75,000 Euros , Can open within 30 days after contract,
England 82
Update Owner no longer wishes to sell, New opportunity to buy a LUXURY casino in one of England Hotels on a 20 year renewable lease from the hotel the Casino has 17 gaming tables, 20 slots, VIP rooms
Price offers over 80,000,000 pounds Sterling
Czech Republic
on German border 81    Now Sold
Great opportunity to get your own operating casino on a low entrance money Very Smart stand-alone Casino with Bar, Snacks restaurant
6 Live gaming tables, Roulette, Blackjack, 25 slot machines plus 8 seaters touch bet roulette property on lease 2,000 a month, total Price to move in 499,500 Euros See listing number 18
Colorado USA 80
        sold  Hotel casino development with planning and all permits to build this fantastic opportunity, which will also include a very needed Convention Centre Price for land and permits $21m, ——————————-
London 79
back on the market offer not accepted, Fully operating old established casino for sale on a lease. see listing number 32
Price 42m pounds Sterling
Greece 78    now sold 
Large Casino with Hotel
Price 77m Euros
Ireland 77
update 4th February now sold Very Large slots palace operating with a full licence on renewable 5 year lease Just pay entrance money which includes all machines and equipment 975,000 Euros now sold
Costa Rica now sold 76
Update 10th May Casino closed management problems,
Could be open same day with all staff in place,
open to offers above 145,000 euros to move Great opportunity to get your own operating casino Very Smart stand-alone Casino with Live gaming tables, slot machines plus 8 seaters touch bet roulette property on lease
Sale price is 400,000 euros payable over 3 years, now Sold ——————————–

Properties listings from Number 1 to 75 are listed below, please note many of these properties have been sold or taken off the market but there are several still available listed by country, the ones sold are still visible, ——————————-

USA USA/Caribbean

Casinos for sale Start with listing number 60


Casinos of Mayfair
are unable to reveal full details of the properties before receipt of signed confidentiality and non-disclosure, Casino Owners please note Fee’s and commissions are paid only after completion of the sale by Casinos of Mayfair, The scale of fees are listed at the end of USA listings below

Due to the confidential nature of the casino Industry & for the Security of the Casino Property, Photographs of Live Casinos for sale cannot be                                            Shown on the Internet.

(Listing numbers of the properties are in Brackets and the countries are listed in alphabetical order where the casino is located below please be advised many of these properties below have been sold or withdrawn but are updated to display this fact.


Updated Jan 2018, An Important Message due to better financial conditions and a new finance group from Wall Street is working with us, we can now offer an introduction to them for a fantastic 95% funding to purchase casinos listed on our websites for a minimum loan of $20m to no limit the new Financial group will review applications from our clients wishing to buy one of our casino /hotel properties, With new criteria, proof of funds are no longer required,? but new Criteria you have to provide the 5% into Escrow as your part of the investment into your purchase, only for the purchase of casino properties from Casinos of Mayfair which are listed on this and other websites of COM, the 5% will be refunded should the fund not be available to you,


Updated December 2017 A new opportunity for All Worldwide Casinos Locations can now include refurbished Machines on a 60/40 share basis, Casinos of Mayfair has contracted to place any make of Brand New Slot Machines into your operating Casino, or a new Casino project, to any regulated country in the World up to a 60/40 profits share, includes maintenance, The Cost to you is Electricity supply and Insurance, and any import fee’s


Updated Sept 2014 No more Belgium Licences to be issued this property has been withdrawn from the market, Belgium Border close to Germany A new hotel and casino project with no other casino for 60 miles, with full Government permits to build a new complex with casino license approx investment30m Euros Withdrawn


Updated February 2015 has been taken off the market, after new discussion the owner has agreed to take this off the market due to ill health will revert ASAP Casino sports betting internet online gaming company Major internet player with 4 licences established over 25years in the casino industry, large repeat traffic base using their 29 online casinos and sports betting and poker rooms, with 5 committed Managers overlooking 170 employees worldwide income has grown over the past 11 years to an incredible 2 billion euros gross revenue last year, full information with signed CA, NDA Price

90,000,000 Euros now OFF THE MARKET

5, Update July 2013 Central AmericaNow sold After 4 years successful trading this 32 room Hotel Casino with 7 Gaming tables, 90 slots, Great Restaurant, Wedding receptions, and parking for payment car park all operating with good profits by two English owners, who now wish to sell for family reasons. Price $6m.but it was also possible to buy the casino as a stand-alone without the hotel which is in front of the casino for a price of $3m Sold

(6) Update November 2011 Casinos in Mayfair completed this sale, Sold Croatia New and rare opportunity to purchase sports betting Internet company, covering all sports on a daily basis, with betting shops on lease, good profits and lots of areas for expansion, asking price 20,000,000 Euros, now sold (7) Updated 10th Sept 2014 this property is now on hold no more enquiries please at the moment, Croatia Rivera, This multiple award-winning luxury 5-star beach hotel, with an approx 400 sea view rooms and elegant suites, overlooking the 75 berth yacht Marina. With one of the largest Conference Centres in Europe with a total seating capacity for 1,500 persons. An exciting nightclub, disco dancing and cabaret, One fine dining Restaurant, Cafes, Italian Pizzeria, Large Gymnasium with the latest Equipment and luxury Beauty Spa, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming pools. Plus a very popular 24/7 intimate coffee bar A Grand Casino, with a Prive Salon, one of the largest casinos in Croatia with 60 of the latest slot machines, 17 gaming tables, American Roulette, Blackjack, etc, Now with a new poker area with 5 poker tables for cash games and Poker Tournaments.Please note the Casino is now closed but can be reopened with the new owner in a very short time, This multi casino license permits the opening of more casinos in Croatia This International flagged hotel/resort complex is being sold as a fully operational, and Managed Business, With an asking price of 67m euros, downpayment of 55m euros and the balance of 12m Euros payable over 2 years, the owner may consider a Joint venture, The hotel property had its best 3rd quarter for 3 years,

(8) Croatia Update 2nd March 2016 This Property is back on the market at a reduced price for sale at 25M EUROS but Casino is closed This 300 room 4-star hotel and casinos are right in the centre of the most popular tourist area, with rooms having beach and sea views

The 50 room extension or condos have now been completed,

The Casino has a 10-month casino business with 11 gaming tables 6 roulette 3 blackjack, and 2 casino poker, plus 60 slot machines and one automatic roulette 8 seaters, just opened a restaurant gaming terrace with 3 gaming tables the casino this could be improved by Junket players,

Now priced to sell with a 5,000,000 euro down payment the casino will be reopened,

The balance of 21,000,000 euros is by way of a Bank mortgage which the new owner will take over, great potential opportunity

(9) Updated 10th Sept 2014 now Sold Croatia The owner with a no-limit casino permit of eleven (11) slot arcades around Croatia with a total of 350 first-class slot machines in mint condition, operating very good profits, is looking to retire and is asking a price for a quick sale of 7m Euros, full details available,Now Sold (10) Update April 2014 now sold Croatia Casino within a 5 star Hotel Resort, with 85 slots 6 gaming tables plus 5 Texas Holden tables.price 4,900,000 euros now sold

(11) Update January 2017 Costa Rica A new 5 Star Casino Hotel development project with all permits, and now casino license has been issued by the local Government for the largest casino hotel to be built in Costa Rica, the owner is looking for a gaming company as an investor/JV partner to operate the casino the total cost of this development is $37m or sell complete Project $6.9m

(12) Updated March 2016 owners received an offer, will advise, UPdate 3rd January 2017 Costa Rica now been sold 4 Casinos within 4 good 3/4 star hotels one hotel has 200 rooms, 3 of the casinos have A/R, B/J, 220 Slot machines, the other one casino is a slots palace only with 0ver 400 slots, Total of 621 gaming slots Plus 9 gaming tables included in this total package price is 2 new internet casino Sportbetting Licences ready to go online with your own brand platform Good profits in all departments,, Two Options, 1,To buy/lease all 4 casinos and one hotel $15m, with owner funding 2, To buy outright all 4 casinos, all 3 hotels, including the two new online Gaming Licences, sale price $60m with seller finance Now Sold (13) New Listing 26th March 2015 now sold New price $140,000 to pay over 4 years with $100,000 downpayment buys 67% of the business and full control, Costa Rica Stand-alone Casino next door to a 3 star very busy hotel , live gaming tables A/R, B/J. slot machines, Property on lease great opportunity to get your own Casino total outlay anprice is $750,000 See new Price above now sold

(14) Updated March 2016 Now Sold CYPRUS (Northern) 1 Luxury Casino within a 48-roomed hotel. This hotel/casino Beach property has been operated with profits by an English family for the past 11 years who wish to return to England, Owner is looking for 2,000,000 Euros for keys with a ten year lease at 100,000 Euros a month, Both Casino and hotel has had a recent refurbishment, Or make an offer for outright sale land is freehold with lots of space for extension. Now Sold

(15) Updated January 2017 , Cyprus Northern 42 room freehold hotel and Casino, Gaming floor has 280 slot machines 23 gaming tables this is one of the largest casinos in Northern Cyprus operated by English owners, for sale including 10 betting stations in the town price 35m pounds sterling

(16) New update July 2016 now Cancelled biding time already passed, Cyprus with new laws coming into force to allow casinos in the Southern part of Cyprus, cancelled now only one licence being granted, with 5 star hotel only, This makes this a great opportunity Possible JV The casino license has been verbally granted on conditions the applicant has at least 3 years casino operational experience, and the hotel property which is now a 3 star must be converted with a grand refurbishment to a 5 star standard hotel and the casino will be allowed to be installed within the hotel property, The Hotel owner is looking for partners or investors to complete the upgrade and partners to take over both management of hotel plus or Casino only, The new hotel and casino resort will have a total ground area of 20,000 Sq meters, total investment cost to upgrade this closed hotel property is approx 30-40m euros but the owner is willing to put up the land to start building as a 50% joint venture partnership in the profits,or will sell out the complete property as is for 30m EUROS Now Cancelled


Update February 2015 Czech Republic this property was sold on the 30th January 2014 For sale a very busy Casino on the German Border,within a Wonderfull Old world type Hotel property on 3 floors with 25 bedrooms, restaurants which also has entrance from street level, This very large ground floor casino, with Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, all popular table games Owner retiring bargain Price1.550,000 Euros includes the casino business and all casinos equipment, The casino licence is leased with 9 years left to run,rental is 4,000 euros per month, also the casino space is leased from the hotel with 9 years to run at a rental of 4,500 euros per month Now Sold


Updated March 2017 Now Sold Czech Republic Great opportunity to buy your own operating casino on low entrance money Very Smart stand-alone Casino on the German border with 5 live-gaming tables, Roulette, Blackjack, poker, this part of the Live Casino has been closed due to the illness of the casino manager, and this is the only reason for the sale of the casino, But downstairs the casino multi-bet roulette 10 seater is open downstairs with over 25 Slot Machines and a smart bar and snacks and a cocktail bar, the casino has a full 20 camera security system, all equipment was new one year ago,property is on lease at a very low rental of only 2,000 euros a month, total Price to move in and includes all the equipment, gaming tables everything as is the potential is incredible and this is a real bargain for only 499,500 Euros Now Sold


The Czech Republic waiting for new listing from above,


Czech Republic Update December 2015 Now Sold This is a very nice casino with a large parking area, the casino property is being sold freehold, and has live gaming with Roulette, Blackjack, Slot machines, and 6 poker tournaments tables plus high cash games the property is split over 3 floors with gaming on all floors good restaurant, operating with profits, very good value and potential for live gaming internet online casino with new law in 2016 price 3,000,000 Euros Now Sold


Update MARCH 2017 Dublin New opportunity to buy this operating Casino for sale City centre been open many years, all main casino games A/R, B/J, Large Casino Poker room with 7 tables , Cash Games Texas Hold Poker The property which includes the operating business and all permits etc, is on a renewable low rent lease, New Price 795,000 euros


Updated July 2013 10th October update this property Sold Dublin, New opportunity to buy or lease this very impressive multi-storey 28,000 Sq ft period mansion in the center of Dublin, With a permit for a private members casino, with a 7 table poker floor,automated slots and multi-bet roulette machines, 10 gaming tables Blackjack, Roulette, casino poker, Punto/Banco, all applications have been approved including a licensed fine dining Restaurant, it is now also possible to lease the complete property and permits on a 5/7 year lease at 30,000 Euros per month, Or the asking price for the freehold including permits 10m Euros. Now sold

(23) Waiting for new listing


Update July 2016 Dominican Republic now Sold 7 year operating Casino within a grand tourist holiday Complex with 800 bedrooms, Casino has 9 Gaming Tables including A/R,B/J, Caribbean Poker, last year drop $6m Sale Price $2.500.000 including $500,000 as deposit held.


Update 10th June 2014 Dominican RepublicSold on June 10th Complete Casino ready to be opened in one week with your own staff, This Casino had been open 10 years,but closed last year due to owner retiring, Great opportunity, Great property, Great Price,complete freehold & business reduced to sell $2.2m no offers accepted now sold .


Update MAY 2016, Price reduced to $4,500,000 Now sold the Dominican Republic, Great opportunity to buy a large luxury casino with 2000 sq ft spread over 3 levels within a 4 star hotel, the casino which is on lease for 10 years has 200 slot machines 13 gaming tables A/R,B/J,Punto Banco, Craps, Texas Holden, large bar lounge, Also a VIP Salon with 10 Slots 4 gaming tables, good profits, Price for Casino only $5.000,000 now reduced to $4,500,000 now sold


Updates January 2017 Egypt Project for a new casino with a full license on board a very large ship which is permanently docked close to the centre of Cairo near all the new Five-Star Hotels. being run as a high-class restaurant at the moment, 2-month conversion to a casino, the owner is looking for a Joint venture partner approx investment has been reduced to 15m euros,


update February 2015 now sold Estonia Two Casinos for sale both open 2 years ago in Shopping Mall’s both with a large street front entrance and display windows, a total of 68 Slots, 7 gaming tables,A/J, B/J. Gross revenue 1,750,000 Euros, good net profit Price2,500,000 Euros or a close offer, now sold


update Sept 2013 Europe 10th July 2014 all shares have been sold a major USA Gaming software company with over 50 online games, including live dealers, casino and slots with some fantastic sports betting and pokers sites has just been granted an online gaming license in the Isle of Man to now enter into the European market with TV, online, mobile betting sites is offering shares of 10% for $2.5m or one possible 20% share for $5m.sold


waiting for new listing


updated 10th Sept 2014 On hold offer has been made, Now Sold Feb 2015 England Casino Gaming Licence for sale with a permit to install within an operating 5-star hotel property, or also available in a City building ideal location for a casino, Price for Licence 2,500,000 pounds Sterling now Sold


update January 2017 offer not accepted

England Old established an operating casino on lease full details available with proof of Funds Price now increased to  42,000,000 Pounds Sterling


Updated October 2016 , Taken off the market England New opportunity to buy a LUXURY casino in one of London’s famous Hotels on a 20 year renewable lease from the hotel the Casino has 14 gaming tables, 20 slots, two VIP rooms one with new sportsbook and the other internet betting offers in access of 80,000,000 pounds Sterling Taken off the market


England Updated March 2016 Now Sold Opportunity to buy a luxury high rollers casino price 120,000,000 Sterling full details available with (LOI) letter of interest addressed to Casinos of Mayfair International for the attention of Brian Minister.


Updated MARCH 2017 England NEW rare opportunity to purchase one of the most luxurious hotels in the world,with all the facilities you would expect from a 5 star trophy hotel,the price also includes the Casino property and the business of the high rollers casino which is on Lease from the Hotel at a premium rent, also several connecting properties and land The price is now confirmed 1 billion 3 hundred million pounds sterling offers below this price will not be entertained, First a CA,NDA, must be signed for further information on the properties, then a letter of interest with POF for an introduction to the owners,


Updated August 2013 Now Sold England Major Casino group interested in selling their operating casinos throughout England, approx 350m Sterling LOI applications only Offered been made now waiting for the outcome, Now Sold


update 1oth March 2015 now Sold England London Casino Licence available Price 20m Sterling Now Sold




Update July 2013 update 15th October 2013 this property has been SOLD France-Swiss Border, Transfer of ownership in January 2013,which allows the property to be up for sale 5 star Luxury100 room boutique hotel and Casino, which has renewed its casino license for a further 25 years along with the lease for the whole land and property which now has a new 40 year license, The Elegant 60 cover restaurant, Spa makes this an attractive hotel to visit along with its fantastic new slot machine action, casino has all games of Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Poker, with increased slot machine revenues action Price 30,000,000 Euros now SOLD


Update July 2014 Sold German Border Czech Republic 95% German clients, luxury casino for sale or for rent at 9,500 euros per month on a 15 year lease with 3 months rental upfront for the keys, the casino has 7 gaming tables roulette Blackjack and 40 slots, opened in 2002 but closed by the owner for retirement in 2013, But the Casino has now been reopened The property has parking for over 60 cars,plus two large luxury apartments above the casino for high rollers or new owners/ management? the property is freehold and is a bargain at 2m Euros,SOLD


New Update January 2017 now sold  German Border, Czech Republic well-established Casino open 10 years with good profits, 95% German clients, Smoking is allowed in this casino, The casino property has large grounds with parking for 200 cars and is being sold freehold with a 50 bedroom hotel 4 minutes by car from the Casino but the hotel is closed and would need to be completely refurbished but it is believed this is an easy and quick property to transform but no costings have been made for this work, Great casino floor with a total of 24 gaming tables, and over 90 slot machines 12 poker tables,3 Blackjack tables,4 Ameican Roulette tables, 8 base touch bet roulette machine 2 Restaurants , one is a VIP, plus 2 Cocktails bars, hotel pick up coach, Open hours 2pm to 5am, Price 4,500,000 Euros includes everything or a joint venture could be possible with the casino manager on a 50/50 share basis,


Update February 2015 Now Sold Ghana update 19th December 2014 this casino has been closed due to a disagreement between the partners and all the slots and tables have been removed but is now being sold as-is could be open in 24 hours with your own equipment at the reduced price of $500,000 All new casino less than 12 months old, with a fine dining restaurant, stage for live music and cabaret, 11 live gaming tables with roulette blackjack, stud poker, and Texas hold ’em, and 50 slot machines. with a sports betting licence included in the price

,$2.500.000 now sold


update January 2017 Himalaya, China, India Border Opportunity to purchase this well established Supreme 5 star Luxury Hotel and Grand Casino With over 115 Interior designed suites. Large Casino floor with all popular games, Roulette, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Great Baccarat Action, No Visa problems from India or China, Operating with good profits, Price$200m


Update March 2016 offer received will advise, NOW OFF THE MARKET l and Casino operational for the past 7 years, built on 5,000 sq meter of land, includes 53 rooms with 24 hour room service, 2 swimming pools,4 restaurants, very large conference facilities, Casino has live gaming Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Etc, and modern slots with room for expansion within the 5500 sq ft casino, The owner opened this property in 2003 which is 30 minutes from an international airport and he is now looking to retire.the price for this resort property is400 Cr,approx $60m Off the market


March 2015 now of the market Lithuania Profitable casino company two operating Casinos and 3 slot palaces locally, wishes to expand their company nationally and are looking for an investment to do this, they are prepared to sell a 51% share of their company for 4,500,000 Euros now off the market (45)

Update August 2016 Malta New build hotel and Casino project all plans and permits in hand good location10,000 sq meters of land with full planning permissions to build a 250 bedroom hotel and casino, with casino permit, the land is ideally located close to the new Government 150m euro sports complex centre, also just been granted a permit to build residential homes if required the Land the permits all licenses are included in the price of 7m Euros but total build costs approx 25m Euros for hotel,casino, no costing for residential as yet,


Update January 2017 MALTA Casino to be installed within Five-Star Hotel (subject to the approval of license). on a ten year lease, at 10,000 Euros a month, plus 5% share profits, This hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pools and is part of an international chain The casino has plans for approx 12 gaming tables, 6o slots with a total investment approx $2,500,000. licence was withdrawn


Update 24 March 2015 the last of the 5 casinos has been sold today, Macau see listing below for each hotel/casino price,but the price of the 1 remaining casino hotel for sale is now $360,000,000 US operating with profit in Macau Price $360,000,000, new funding of 75% available on this last property with Management if required


Hotel/casino, with 330 rooms, 20 Slot machines, 20 gaming tables, Price $360m Now Sold NOW SOLD


Hotel/casino, with 160 rooms, 40 Slot machines, 35 gaming tables, Price $285m/ Now sold


Hotel/casino, with 360 rooms 100 Slot machines, 40 gaming tables, +5 VIPs tables, Price $350m / Now Sold


Hotel/casino, with 320 rooms, 140 Slot Machines, 20 gaming tables + 15 VIPs tables Price $300m/Now Sold


Hotel/casino with 450 rooms, 100 Slots Machines 50 gaming tables +15 VIPs tables Price $345m/ Now Sold Full Management facilities for casino and hotel available,


update July Sold on the 12th July 2013 SOLD Macau. This 330 room hotel with a casino has a total of 29,000 sq meters the casino has 42 gaming tables and 3 VIP rooms, the net income for 2011 was 1% higher than projected. with an expected 2% increase for 2012, the asking price is $430m with a 65 -70% funding Now Sold (49)

Update December 2015 Now Sold Macedonia Very good opportunity to buy 25 small betting shops showing good profits,with the new gaming laws in you can also open with this license an internet casino, Price 2,500,000 Euros Now Sold


Update February 2013 now taken off the market Montenegro Hotel and casino for sale within this luxury hotel with fantastic views, overlooking the Cruise ship terminal, which has 27 cruise ships booked to arrive before end of this year, The casino could be revamped reinstalled within 4-6 weeks Roulette, Blackjack,etc, Plus 15 slot machines, plus an incredible nightclub for 2000 people, Good potential to introduce poker into the casino, Good value at Price 19m Euros Now been taken off the market


Update March 2012 Now Sold Online Casino poker and sportsbook for sale, 5,000 registered players, good profits and good potential poker revenues Priced reduced for quick sale$500,000 Now Sold


On-Line casinos update March 2012now sold

Online two internet casinos have now been sold for

$30,000 each Now Sold


Updated January 2012 Owners have received an offer and is off the market for now. Sold South America, Fantastic opportunity to buy an Exclusive sport betting license with an unlimited installation of Betting handheld terminals or over the counter betting shops, a contract for 600 locations has been signed with a supermarket chain and will be handed over to the new owners price for license $2m Sold


Update August 2016 Poland

Please see the web site on request Luxury 5 star resort project to be built, including very large beautiful Lake with Exit to the Sea, there will be a Marina, Fishing, Yachting, Swimming and golf course 60 resident Villas, 150 plus bedroom hotel, and 25,000 sq ft Casino, Also a small hospital with every medical care possible, all permits have been granted to build the owner of the land and lake is looking for a JV partner to invest 6,000,000 Euros and the owner will place 4m euros into a new company on a 50/50 split, or for 100% of the deal will accept 10m Euros outright sale, prefered is the Joint Venture with the new company and we will take this deal to the Stock Exchange in Poland plus we can apply for 40% grant of costs from European Funding.of the total costs to build the resort which is 400m Euros full business plan Available


Update MARCH 2016 Romania, Very popular, profitable Poker Club play cash games Price $850,000,


update January 2017 Spain This Luxury Casino is located in the beach resort of a 400 room 5 star hotel, but owns it own freehold, which has a 500 seated for dinner theatre night club which has it own outside separate entrance from the entrance from within the hotel , , The casino has a large Gaming floor, a 60 cover fine dining Restaurant, large 12 table poker room, 19 gaming tables, A/R, B/J, Punto Banco, 80 slot machines, Also included in the price one level of car parking approx 30 cars, 10 guest rooms for the casinos clients,.. This is a great price and should be seen at 35,000,000 Euros,


Updated September sold 2016 Spain This Casino property is freehold and receives an income separate from the casino of 1,000,000 euros per year from a 15-year lease of 2 complete floors to local Government. The Casino has a very large gaming floor one of the most modern and profitable in Spain with new style restaurant’s and bars, strong commercial location, the owner will allow a party to come in with a large deposit and work out a planned repayment system.but priced to sell at 55,000,000 Euros Offer has been made and accepted


Updated July 2014 Spain Update December 2014 this offer has now been withdrawn Great potential investment opportunity in Spain, Local Government Approved casino licence transfer project to build a 5 star 160>200 room Hotel and Casino within an operating gambling property owned by the Local Government, complete with international hotel management and operation, or can be offered to the investment group, This is a great investment opportunity with good potential, the management of the Casino and hotel could be available for operation to the incoming investment group,and a temp Casino could be opened in 6-8 weeks subject to planning, Total

Investment approx cost to build 50m/60m Euros


) update September 2017 Spanish Island 300 room hotel and casino project with a full gaming licence, with all planning permissions to build at this popular tourist location total Costings including a complete operational Casino with all popular live table games, slot machines Etc, Total Price45m Euros

The following Casinos/Hotels are all in the

USA/Caribbean with new price opportunities,


update January 2017 Caribbean Fantastic new opportunity Slot Machine Gaming Route for sale on a Caribbean Island, Government licenced to import and install approx 2,000 Slot Machines 1000 slots has now been installed on renewable 10 year contracts in licenced 180 betting Shops and night clubs and bars restaurants etc, some machines are averaging over $100 a day, importation of additional 500 slots is in place, this is a rare opportunity with strong growth potential, Team Management has been hired and in place installations have improved tenfold Octobers net profit was $340,000, and the Christmas period brought it to a total profit for the year of close to the $5,000,000 potential now to target $10,000,000 + per year net after the total 2,000 have been installed within the next 2 years Asking Price $28,000,000 or JV $15,000,000 details available after signing our standard CA, NDA


Update January 2017 Caribbean

Beautiful luxury island Resort Freehold Casino, Surrounded by 5 star hotels and luxury Apartments,with flights by the hour from the USA, Very Busy Casino Floor with 12 gaming tables, Punto Banco, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Holden Poker, fast action and progressive jackpots from the slots zone with 85 slot machines Great Restaurants Bars & Lounges Great value price including the casino business, all the property and land is freehold and will include the $1+m owners luxury apartment,

Total $12.6M will also include an internet gaming licence the only one on the island, to the new owner,


Update January 2017 Las Vegas, A 2500 room hotel Casino for sale on the Strip priced at $1,43 billion

Criteria signed NDA, for details, LOI, POF for financial


Update 10th November 2014 under offer under contract, today this was Sold The US-based company is a manufacturer and distributor of casino and gaming equipment,and holds a casino operating license in non restricted gaming markets, has a large data base of major players and is making good profits The company will make $125m- $130m of EBITDA this year, with a funding available of 80% asking price $700m Under offer, under contract Sold


Update July 2013 this property was sold Nevada This is a great opportunity to buy a 2000 room hotel/casino in Nevada, more than 1000 Slots, 60+ gaming tables, plus the management will stay on if required, 100% purchase price for quick Sale Latest offer from the casinos owners this asset can be bought for $85m. Now Sold


Update January 2017 Nevada Las Vegas Wanted an investment of $500m for large equity share in the best casino/hotel thyme for years this is going to be a smash hit as soon as it opens, there will be 3000 rooms, and 600 condos for sale, 7 restaurants, 7 cinema screens, a live 1,000 seater theatre, this investment will be partly repaid from first revenues from condo sales, but the investor will still retain their equity share in this fantastic strip property project or we can discuss a larger equity percentage with a minimum 50% if an investment was available to fund the total building costs of close to $1.2 billion in 2010 today’s price estimate 1 Billion dollars we have our Las Vegas building group on standby to break ground, OR if there is an interest to take over the complete 100% operation to build and operate with all the rights and permits Etc, we would be looking at a minimum of $10m with a 5% equity share.


Updated December 2014 This property has now been sold Nevada Las Vegas Great Opportunity to buy an off-strip 2500+ room hotel/casino resort  a CA,NDA will get you the details of the property, POF will get you the financial, and a meeting with the owners to discuss this very reduced price of $220m Correct $220m no debts, but will need approx $100=$150m refurbishment, funding available in total 80% approx $200m or a possible JV is available with a major public company, Now Sold


Updated January 2017 Las VegasThis two casino opportunity one has a small 50 bedroom hotel and is one of the older type properties but is used by the locals and special poker groups, Both are in need of refurb and quoted costs are approx $15m-$20m or $ 35m for both, to bring them back to their former glory and a loan is available for these refurbishment costs at 4.5% interest, The casinos are making a small nett profit of over $2m net, but this profit will receive a large boost to this bottom line after refurb has finished, This information will be released to the potential buyer who provides POF, Price the owner is asking is $60m, for the two properties, will not split,


update June 2014 Now Sold Las Vegas This is a great opportunity to buy a Famous operating Hotel Casino with over 2000 rooms on the strip with an approx refurb of $100m needed.but a loan is available for this refurb, but not for the buy out this is a cash deal,

Price $125m. Proof of funds -Required Now Sold


Updated January 2017 been taken off the market due to a refinancing, Las Vegas Well established Las Vegas Casino Hotel with 2000+ rooms and the Benefit of extra building land, Offers over

$500m will be considered now been taken off the market


update June 2014 Now been Sold Las Vegas Fantastic and very popular 5 star hotel Casino with a very good EBITDA full details available price $1.9 billion Now been Sold


New Update December 2014 Just been Sold this month, USA 5 star 3000 room hotel Casino and leisure complex full details available with POF, price $2.5billion SOLD


update February 2017 been sold 21 bedroom hotel Casino a few miles from Las Vegas, on the main California highway, with gaming tables and slots, with extra land for extension, The property and Casino has been open over 20 years and the same Owner is now wishing to retire, great potential for new owner to invest in more gaming tables and slots Also this property need large signs to go onto the highways, and on the front and rear of the property, No debts, Grandfather Casino license, good profits a must-see opportunity good value at $12,,000,000.


Update January 2017 Atlantic City, Hotel 1000 rooms, Casino for sale recent refurb in non-gaming areas with an option to include a New internet gaming licence, price $180m


Update January 2017 Slots Palace and international Italian very popular Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, on LasVegas strip, all taxes paid $18,000 last year, Net profit $700,000 Grandfather license, new shopping Mall being built close by, Bargain Price $5,950,000


Update JANUARY 2017 Las Vegas offered a vacant lot of 40 Acres with full permits planning and codes, to build a 6,000 room+ Hotel and Casino resort, 2008 price was $32m an Acre, today’s Price $14m an Acre will accept $500m as is Great opportunity

Casinos of Mayfair


Sales & Management Consultants to the Casino Industry Established in London since 1994

Company Profile

Casinos of Mayfair was Registered in London, England, in June 1994.and has now become the largest casino broker in the world. Casinos of Mayfair is a specialist brokerage company only for the sale and purchase of Casinos throughout the world. As the demand for gaming is increasing throughout America & the World, Casinos of Mayfair are looking to open an office soon in the Capital of Gaming Las Vegas. opened 2004

Casinos of Mayfair is a confidential intermediate between the Seller and Buyer. Casinos of Mayfair currently has listings of over 50 Casinos for Sale from under $1m to over $1 Billion Worldwide, with an extensive portfolio of buyers and investors.

Casino Owners, please note our commission fee is A one-off fee paid only on successful completion of Sale Our commission fees vary between.3% & 0.50%, depending on the price of the property. Example,3% up to $2m 2.5% — $20m 2.% — $30m 1.5% — $50m 1% — $100m 0.50% — no limit In addition, Casinos of Mayfair offers a comprehensive consultancy to the gaming industry. From concept to a turnkey operation with full Casino Management service, Casinos of Mayfair licensed staff of 5 manager/consultants with the management skills and 140 years of combined experience in the casino industry to assist with all essential requirements.

Casinos of Mayfair also provides contacts for finance and Joint Venture partners. Staff recruitments are increasing demand from existing clients. Casinos of Mayfair can provide the highest quality of employees from their registered applicant’s file.

Casinos of Mayfair are always looking for casinos for sale to satisfy their client’s demands, if you know of a casino that may be for sale please contact us, a finders fee will be paid within 24 hours of the sale of this casino to one of our clients introduced to the casino owners,

Casinos of Mayfair International Ltd guarantees it will conduct all dealings with absolute discretion and confidentiality now

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